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Legend has it that The Cac Ba islands are where women, mothers and women take care of planting and gathering, preparing a workshop to help the warriors fight the enemy.
Legend has it that The Cac Ba islands are where women, mothers and women take care of planting and gathering, preparing a workshop to help the warriors fight the enemy. Therefore, the island of warriors stationed in the front of the island called The Cac Ong Island, and the rear island was named the Island of the Cac Ba.
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Attractions Cat Ba Islands - World Biosphere Reserve, Special National Monuments - From a wild place, few people know, a land with mountains, forests, sea and islands as being blended With nature has become a young tourist destination with domestic and international brands, attracting nearly 2 million visitors annually to visit and enjoy.
Come to "Green Cat Ba" to discover the beauty of the sea, the wonders and originality of the cave, to feel the serenity, purity of the mountains, forests, sea and islands here, to admire the mineral Reaching the sea of ​​heaven and the blue and turquoise, to enjoy the taste of the priceless gift of nature bestowed on people. Let's go to Cat Ba! Coming to the blue of the sea, come to the red of the flower flag and the island of Ngoc!
1. Legend of Cat Ba
Legend has it that The Ba islands are where women, mothers and women take care of planting and gathering, preparing a workshop to help the warriors fight the enemy. Therefore, the island of warriors stationed in the front of the island called The Ong Island, and the rear island was named the Island of the Lady.
A legend about the Women is handed down over the years to this day. Once upon a time, it was not clear at what time, two young girls died from nowhere, drifting on the island and being made into two graves by fishermen. On that night, the dignitaries and the people on the island saw two spirit goddesses dreaming about their inspiration. The people voluntarily contributed their money, set up a shrine to the two goddesses right next to these two sacred graves, called the Ba Temple. After setting up a shrine, fishermen on the island did not encounter accidents at sea as before, life without epidemic diseases, without pirates, people enjoyed peaceful life and prosperity. The aspirations of the people on the island are that it is blessed by the goddesses.
Currently, there are still the Ba Ba temple in Ang Van - Cat Ba Town, Temple Ba - Hien Hao commune and in the time line, the Island of the Lady was read off to Cat Ba as it is today. The story kept spreading from one life to another to become a belief in the spiritual life of residents on the island and near and far tourists when coming to Cat Ba ...
2. History of Cat Ba land
The ancient land of Cat Ba was formed at the end of the early primeval age (about 410 million years ago). Archaeological documents have confirmed that Cat Ba is one of the places where primitive people live. The ancient Cat Ba people were a member tribe of Lac Viet people, residents of Van Lang and Au Lac states later. Cat Ba has 77 archaeological sites that have been discovered and surveyed with famous sites such as Cai Beo, Bai Ben, Cat Don and many other valuable sites such as: Tung Ga, Ao Coi, Dong Cong, Bat Cave, Eo Amulet ...
Historically, Cat Hai district used to be named An Phong, Chi Phong, Hoa Phong, and Nghieu Phong. On June 5, 1956, Cat Hai district and Cat Ba town of Quang Yen province were merged into Hai Phong city. Cat Hai district was founded on March 11, 1977 on the basis of merging old Cat Hai and Cat Ba districts.
3. Geography and administration:
Cat Hai district includes Cat Ba archipelago and Cat Hai island, located in the southeast of Hai Phong city with a total area of ​​345 km2.
Cat Hai Island is a flat sand island between the Nam Trieu and Lach Huyen estuaries, on the island there is Cat Hai town and four communes: Hoang Chau, Nghia Lo, Van Phong, and Dong Bai. The Cat Ba archipelago consists of 366 islands, large and small (Cat Ba is the largest island of the archipelago and the largest of the islands in the Gulf of Tonkin), a complex of limestone mountains in the south of Ha Long Bay, with a town Cat Ba and 6 communes: Tran Chau, Xuan Chim, Hien Hao, Phu Long, Gia Luan, Viet Hai.
The mountains on Cat Ba archipelago have an average altitude of about 200m above sea level, the highest one is Cao Vong peak of 331m, the lowest is Ang Tom, lower than the sea level of 30m. Cat Ba archipelago has hundreds of beaches with fine sand strips, clear blue water and peacefulness such as Cat Co, Cat Tien, Tung Thu, Van Boi, Cat Pin, Cat Vang ... caves associated with the history of the match Father's father's paintings and constructions such as Thien Long, Hoa Cuong, Trung Trang, Quan Y, and beautiful bays are like giant mirrors on moon nights such as Lan Ha, Ben Beo, Cat Ba and Tung Thu ...
Vietnam has thousands of islands. It was the blood of his father's flesh and blood that left him to his grandchildren.
The remote island is like the waves
There are children who don't sleep at night
Watching the beloved Heaven and Heaven sea
The waves around him lull the sacred island land,
The sky above his head was high and blue.
Let me send love in the wave
Come to him Where the island is far away - green eyes at home ...
4. Cat Ba archipelago - World biosphere reserve, National special scenic spot:
Cat Ba archipelago is recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as the World Biosphere Reserve on December 2, 2004 by ecological, humanistic and biodiversity values. Typical learning with many potentials for sustainable development. On December 9, 2013, the scenic beauty of Cat Ba archipelago was recognized by the Prime Minister as a special National Monument.
The biosphere reserve area of ​​Cat Ba archipelago has a total area of ​​26,241 ha, including almost 366 small and large islands of Cat Ba archipelago, with three functional areas: core zone, buffer zone and transition zone. Cat Ba Island Biosphere Reserve has been recognized as the world's first "Sustainable Development Learning Lab" for biodiversity values, with 3,154 species of animals and plants; in which, there are 60 species of plants and 22 rare and endemic animal species named in the Vietnam Red Book, there are 29 species of plants and 7 animal species in the world red book. Endemic, rare and precious species are threatened with survival and fauna, including: Cat Ba Langur, Son Duong, Cat Ba shaggy; About plants: Tue Ha Long, Cho Doi, Kim Giao, Lat Hoa ...
Cat Ba archipelago is the best model of high concentration of tropical and typical subtropical ecosystems superior to other regions of Asia such as the largest typical limestone island ecosystem in Chau region. Asia, large pristine tropical rainforest on limestone islands, mangrove forests, coral, tidal areas, saltwater lakes, seagrass beds, systems of caves and moons. These ecosystems spread across diverse and complex terrains, such as the Cat Ba National Park Center, Frog Pond, Dong Cong Bay and Lan Ha Bay.
Cat Ba archipelago is a famous tourist destination known to many tourists with its natural beauty, fresh climate, many green, clean and beautiful beaches and rich and diverse primeval forests, plants; It is both a wonderful retreat that nature bestows on people and is an attractive destination for tourists who are passionate about exploring and adventure. Here are the tourist routes so that you can choose and experience when coming to Cat Ba:
*. Sea travel route: This is a route that perhaps any visitor to Cat Ba often chooses. Cat Ba beach is four seasons in green, especially in April when heaven and earth are in season, it is the most beautiful Cat Ba beach. With the sun, with the wind of the sea and the sky of Cat Ba, it is sure to bring visitors interesting things and a feeling of relaxation and peace.
* Sand stork - Tropical paradise:
Cat Ba has 3 beaches named Cat Co, which is Cat Co 1 (Cat Tien), Cat Co 2 (Cat Da Bang), Cat Co 3 (Cat Co), all leaning back on the mountain and overlooking the sea, with strips smooth sand spreads evenly at the foot of the mountain, warm sea water, high and clear blue salinity to the bottom, where mountains, forests, sea, islands, heaven, clouds, young, water are blended together, each wave spreads evenly on the sandy beach makes us feel like being in harmony with nature.
Cat Co - As a separate, quiet world evokes in the hearts of visitors the feeling of romance and peace; walking on the golden sand bank, in the clear blue sea, peaceful waves, you feel like you are soaring along with the sky and windy sky, you can feel like a tropical paradise.
Interestingly, the beaches are covered by mountains from around 4 pm, you are like bathing in an umbrella of nature without affecting the view of the beautiful view of Cat Ba island.
Arriving in Cat Ba on the moonlit night, do not forget to return to Cat Co in the evening watching the moon rise on the bay, enjoying the cuisine of the sea, listening to the whispering waves, watching the sea surface under the moonlight. This has become a beautiful giant mirror to feel the peace of Cat Island.
* Lan Ha Bay - The meeting place of fairies.
Legend has it that: On a beautiful day, there were seven fairies while on earthly excursions, seeing the beautiful scenery of the mountain here. Immersed with the beauty of this place, the fairies bathed in the sea and forgot to go back to heaven. Due to the rush, the youngest girl named Lan left a clog on the beach. The clogs are still floating in the waves of Cat Ba and have turned into a beautiful Goc island next to Cat Co beaches today. And the bay of green water, where she had bathed was the island people named Lan Ha bay.
Lan Ha Bay is located on the east of Cat Ba archipelago, located on the inland waterway going from Cat Ba island to Ha Long bay. The area of ​​the bay is over 7,000 ha, the deepest place is about 18m. The glamorous beauty of Lan Ha Bay is made up of hundreds of rocky islands like Hon ung, Hon But, Hon Rua, Hon Doi, Hai Co Hon, Hon Lau, Hon Tai Keo and Bong full ... there is one thing Interestingly, despite being a small rocky island, the islands on the bay are green all year round because they are surrounded by diverse plant species. Lan Ha Bay has 139 mini sand beaches, quiet, without big waves, which are ideal beaches for travelers to choose their own space.
Starting from Ben Beo port, the cruise ship will take you to the fishing village above
* Viet Hai - Peaceful countryside.
Viet Hai is located in the northeast of Cat Ba Island, in the core zone of Cat Ba National Park with features such as: majestic mountain forest, charming marine landscape, many fertile valleys, streams all year round. Biodiversity is the dominant characteristic of Viet Hai, which is a tourism resource and advantage for Viet Hai to develop. Viet Hai commune has the advantage of geographical location and landscape of natural environment mostly retains its wildness.
Visitors to Viet Hai must travel by ship about 30 minutes on Lan Ha Bay. From the ship landing point, visitors can walk, bike or tram on a 5km long road through steep slopes crept in pristine forest.
At this place, visitors will be immersed to enjoy the tranquility from a pure pristine countryside of the lyrical natural landscape with the Golden Fruit Cave (rated as one of the most beautiful dynamics of the lower population. Long - Cat Ba), Tra Bau, Tung Bear, Tai Lai ... Tourists will be able to visit the primeval forest with a rich diversity of fauna and flora, streams flowing, birds chirping together each other like the music of the green forest.
Coming to Viet Hai, visitors can feel the unique culture of eating and sleeping in the unique cottage of rural Vietnam, enjoying the flavorful green vegetables, chicken, frogs and honey. of mountains and forests in the Northeast of the country.
* Cat Ong - Where he went forward:In many of the large and small islands of Cat Ba archipelago, Cat Ong island is known through a legend that says that since ancient times, he followed Saint Giong to fight An enemy here. Cat Ong. This is a small unspoiled island, located about 2 km from the tourist port of Cat Ba to the south.
Tourists come to Cat Ong Island - where the beautiful scenery is charming, poetic, where it brings peace to visitors to experience their hearts and waves with beaches on the white sand island, blue sea water. throughout the bottom, above the mountain range with the immense green of rich plants creates a beautiful scenery captivating people.

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