Hostpitial Cave

Monday - 03/06/2019 04:33
Coming to Hai Hai sand tourism, visitors can not ignore the military medical cave a famous place here, belonging to Cat Hai island district, Hai Phong city. The cave is located in Hung Son cave, on a unique road across the island, 13 km from Cat Ba town. Called Quan Y Cave because during the war with the US, people built a hospital with hundreds of beds in the cave.
Hostpitial Cave
Hostpitial Cave

The cave door is made of iron and steel alloy, over the years but still very solid

Quan Y Cave is located in the sandy tourist area, which consists of 3 floors in the mountain. Including meeting rooms, operating rooms, medicine rooms, sick rooms, kitchens, ... The second floor is a movie theater and also a training ground for the local soldiers thanks to the rough terrain. From the 2nd floor there is a secret passage to the 3rd floor - where important meetings are held. Due to the secret nature, from the third floor, people have designed an exit to the side of the mountain

People built the Quan Y cave by putting wooden panels together into molds and pouring concrete into the space in the middle.

Located right on the main road of Cat Ba National Park, Hang Quan y is a place you should visit if you have the opportunity to visit this island district. Surely you will be surprised by the magnificent scale of a field hospital in the mountains. From the center of Cat Ba town, about 13 km, it only takes about 30 minutes to reach Quan y Cave and this cave is easy to find by the signpost located right by the road.

The entrance of the cave is still kept in the same manner as the previous day (wooden ladders can destroy when alerted to the enemy attack). You will also get a "local guide" to guide you to the cave for VND 15,000 / person

hang quan y du lich cat ba

Travel Cat Ba - Quan Y cave

Although it is only an amateur guide and it is very rare to have visitors, you will feel their enthusiasm every time you come here, especially in the 2 day 1 night sand tours.

Right at the entrance to the first cave, you will see a solid iron door. Explaining why the door is so curved, HDV said, this is a way to prevent bullets and shrapnel because when the bullet hits, due to the curve of the door, they will shoot to the sides instead of stabbing and causing damage. harm the door

Immediately after the solid door plate with 4 extra iron bolts, 1 key is the entrance to the field hospital with an extremely grand scale. The entrance may be a bit small, making you a little afraid of its coldness and lack of light

The light along the corridor was almost only bright enough for travel. You will think this is a bomb shelter but don't think it is a cave inside the mountain. A large hospital room in a field hospital. By design, the first floor is the main area of ​​14 function rooms. The second floor is the movie screening and physical examination area. The third floor is a reception hall, a guard room and an officer room for traveling to Cat Ba island to eat seafood

A live room of doctors in a field hospital appeared before the eyes of the discoverer right after opening the door. You will also discover the sewer door located along the hospital corridor.


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