Cat Ba - One of the ideal destinations in June

Monday - 03/06/2019 12:45
In recent years, tourism Cat Ba - Hai Phong has become an ideal destination for domestic and foreign tourists, especially in this summer. There are not only exciting beaches with hustle and bustle of hundreds of people gathering in the sea or playing in the water but also by waves and sea breeze blowing.
Cat Ba - One of the ideal destinations in June
Cat Ba - One of the ideal destinations in June


cat ba dep1

Cat Ba is beautiful with poetic majesty of river mountains, sea and people

In the summer, the island of Cat Ba is always full, but not like the harsh sun in the mainland but softer thanks to the green and windy beaches. In Cat Ba, there are many beautiful beaches located just below the valleys with rivers, streams, forests and beautiful caves waiting for visitors to explore.

Cat Ba is also known as the pearl island of the North of our country. Visitors here can choose to go scuba diving activities in Lan Ha Bay to discover the beauty of the creatures under the sea. In clear water, visitors can clearly see the multicolored small fish that lie behind the coral reef.

lan bien ngam san ho cat b2

Scuba diving watching coral in Lan Ha bay

In addition to the beautiful scenery, coming to Cat Ba Island, visitors also enjoy a lot of delicious dishes such as surface, comedy, lobster, and especially do not forget to taste the crab crabs with the more horrible pairs. delicious, sweet meat.

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