Experience going to Nam Cat Island - "Taking a tropical paradise" on Lan Ha Cat Ba Bay

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Nam Cat Island, with its wild yet peaceful beauty, is nestled among numerous small and large islands in Lan Ha Bay area of Cat Ba archipelago, promising to be an ideal tourist destination for Cat Ba. summer day. Let's discover the tropical paradise on Lan Ha Bay.
Experience going to Nam Cat Island - "Taking a tropical paradise" on Lan Ha Cat Ba Bay
Kinh nghiệm đi đảo Nam Cát – “Chốn thiên đường nhiệt đới” trên vịnh Lan Hạ Cát Bà

Where is Nam Cat Island?

Nam Cat Island is a small island belonging to Lan Ha Bay, about 5km from Beo wharf of Cat Ba town to the Southeast. Nam Cat Island Cat Ba owns a beach about 500m long, has a wide comfort and is surrounded by many small islands to create a natural landscape of the beautiful island waters.

Đảo Nam Cát - chốn thiên đường nhiệt đới trên vịnh Lan Hạ Cát Bà

The ecstasy of Nam Cat Cat Ba Island (ST image)

The ideal time to travel to Nam Cat Island

According to Cat Ba tourism experience, visitors can go to Nam Cat Island at any time of the year. However, the period from April to October is often chosen by domestic tourists. International tourists often travel to Nam Cat island from November to March, when the sea and island views are lonely and silent.


Move to Nam Cat Island Cat Ba

Guests can take a boat from the Beo wharf from the center of Cat Ba island, through Cai Beo fishing village and then go to the bay for a few more kilometers to reach Nam Cat island. Guests can rent a small boat by the fishermen for about 150k / trip, or rent a tourist boat for 500k / trip.Đảo Nam Cát

The tourist attraction of this island is the poetic and peaceful scenery, the image of the blue green water embracing the smooth white sand stretching, surrounded by large and small islands, creating a zone isolated area, away from the noisy, busy life outside.

Admire the beauty of Nam Cat Cat Ba Island

Nam Cat Island is located in Hai Phong Cat Ba tourist route, which has been known for a long time by domestic and international tourists. But before tourism services were underdeveloped, this was still a deserted island, without human impact. In recent years, the professional tourism service areas are invested to serve the needs of tourists.


Nam Cat Island is beautiful with the pristine and peaceful looks 

Nam Cát hoang sơ, nhưng không kém phần quyến rũ như một nàng tiên giữa vô vàn những hòn đảo lớn nhỏ. Với những bãi cát trắng phau, nước biển trong xanh, cùng cảnh quan núi non, đây chính là địa điểm vô cùng lý tưởng cho những ai yêu thích bơi lội an toàn, ngắm trọn cảnh sắc thiên nhiên có núi có biển nước trong chuyến du lịch Hải Phòng.



Landscape is equally poetic, there are mountains with rivers (ST picture)

Guests can enjoy the cool, fresh air of the sea, visit the rafts for aquaculture on the bay by boats or cruise ships. You can also go to raft and buy yourself extremely fresh seafood and enjoy when you dock at Nam Cat island. In Nam Cat Island, the source of seafood is extremely rich so that you can freely choose such as: female messages, squid, surface, crab, crab, tu, comedy, grouper, ...


The waters here are quite peaceful, gentle waves, very convenient for tourists kayaking around small islands, through underground water caves through empty mountains. The natural landscape of the resort here is kept intact due to little human impact.

Chèo thuyền Kayak ở đảo Nam Cát

With beautiful natural scenery and many interesting experiences, if you have the opportunity to travel Cat Ba, do not forget to visit Nam Cat Island - this tropical paradise.

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